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Vision and Values  //  Technology for a better NHS

David Murray-Hundley, Founder and CEO at Adaro Red talks about his philosophy and vision for Adaro Red.

“Until I became involved in the NHS, I never fully appreciated the amazing service the NHS provides. Sometimes we only hear the negative in the press, but to actually see how patient care is delivered for yourself is quite amazing, there are alot of unsung heros out there.

Having worked in the industry for years, I became frustrated with the way in which some suppliers took advantage of public sector budgets, sometimes charging up to 30% on top of temporary staff workers. So I decided to start Adaro Red, not only to bring on board the skills and value myself and a professional team could offer, but also to help in some small way to support something I truly believe in to offer real value and quality.

At Adaro Red we never charge above 12% and in most cases a lot less. I also wanted to make sure that the NHS could focus on what was important so at Adaro Red all staff are fully referenced checked and interviewed before they even are shortlisted. Most of all, I believe in being open (it is the public’s after all) so at Adaro Red we operate an Open Book policy with all of our clients, which means full access to every single penny required to deliver a project, employee or strategy.

I would like Adaro Red to become a leading social enterprise and encourage other service providers to the NHS to do the same. Yes we need to pay for costs, but I also understand that every £100 or £1000s of pounds saved by the NHS goes towards prevention and cure of a patient out there.”


  • Commitment to quality. We earn the trust placed in us by insisting on quality. From candidate selection through to the service providers we work with, we only work with the best.
  • Delivery and Value. Through a personally tailored project management methodology  defined specifically to meet the needs of the NHS and Public Sector we are able to constantly deliver on time, within budget and offer value.
  • Transparency. We understand the budget issues facing the NHS. Our open book policy ensures our clients can feel confident that every penny spent on a project delivers the best value and no investment is wasted.
  • Passion and Determination. We are passionate about the aims of the NHS and Public Sector and as a business determined to work with our clients to ensure they achieve their goals.